What to Expect

The Squeeze-In typically goes like this . . .
Things start around the middle of Friday afternoon at 3:00 pm as the first of us begin to arrive. On arrival, you’ll be given your room assignment, a site map, and other essential bits of information. Jamming starts almost as soon as the cars come to a halt. Dinner is a delicious break from all the music. By Friday night, most of the participants are in attendance. There may be a pub-type sing somewhere, and lots of players are squeezing out tunes in every available space.

After breakfast on Saturday morning, people begin drifting off to the workshops, and some sign up to perform in the concert. Lunch brings us together again, then off to more workshops and informal playing. After dinner, we march in a ragged procession to the performance while playing the designated processional tune, and the evening concert starts. Usually there is a contra dance after the concert, but that’s unresolved for this year. Some folks go off to play some more or join the pub sing instead, which also is subject to pandemic regulations. Some folks find a place to jam. Some stagger off to bed. This can be a very late night for the hardy types. Please make sure that your late-night activities are not taking place in a space where people are trying to sleep. There are lots of public spaces available throughout the night.

Sunday morning is for winding down, more workshops, and, of course, more jamming. Enjoy the breakfast, consider that instrument purchase one more time, track down the person with the funny song from last night and get the words . . . and by noon you’re back in the dining room for the last meal of the weekend. Sometime later, the cars roll away, and the Squeeze-In has come to an end for another year.

Playing, jamming, sessions and workshops Friday through Sunday morning
The sessions and workshops are coordinated on a event's how it works
On Saturday night, there's the Concert
You can listen to the Concerts here
Afterwards, there's a contra dance
and a pub sing

When It Is . . . 
The Squeeze-In is held on a weekend that runs from Friday afternoon through Sunday noon. Depending on various considerations, including available site-booking dates, religious holidays, and the like, it may happen anywhere from an early September weekend to one in early October. Several upcoming years’ dates are usually published on the NESI website by late October, following that year's NESI.

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