Limerick and Haiku Contest

Partway through the Saturday night concert, the M. C. announces the winners of the poetry competitions and invites them onto the stage to read their deathless creations.

How to enter: Your entry should attempt to conform to standard limerick or haiku structure, and it should reference free reeds in some way. The rest is up to you!

The submission box will be near the Big Board and is usually a tired old (and retired) concertina with a slot in one end to receive your offerings. You must submit your work by 3PM on Saturday. Multiple entries are permitted. Please type your text or print it very clearly. Make sure your name is there, too.


Some past high-scoring Limericks:

A lady who plays a Chemnitzer
Just cannot find one that fits her. 
On the pull it's okay
But I'm sorry to say
That the push -- well, it nearly de-tits her.
  I wonder if this is a joke – 
I can't play klezmer, Cajun, or folk! 
All the tunes from my box 
Sound like Johann S. Bach's –   
I think that the darn thing's baroque!


You don't have to follow strict haiku structure -  we will accept atmospheric free-form poetry under that heading.  According to, the formal 5-7-5 structure is considered old-fashioned and rigid and say there is some debate as to the definition of haiku and its "proper" form. The best and most concise definition seems to be: Haiku is a minimalist form of unrhymed poetry consisting of seventeen syllables or less.  
One year Lynn won with a pair of what must be one of the sparest, most elegant haikus ever:

Haiku Chromatique
in out in out in out in out

Haiku Diatonique
in out in out in out out in