The Big Board

People find out what's going on at the Big Board (and, of course, the Big Map to the right of the Board, pinned to the wall in the picture below).

The Big Board lives across the room from the registration desk. It shows where, when  and what workshops are actually taking place.  Only major events like the Saturday Night Concert (and meals) are scheduled in advance.  For everything else, the weekend takes shape starting on Friday as people post workshops they will host or want (you can ask for something even if you don't host it).  One of the best parts of the Squeeze-In are these workshops and organized themed jams.  They are never the same and we never know in advance what they'll be.  Instead, we put up this event grid board and people interested in leading (or even asking for) these workships/jams put up a a Post-It note for whatever it they're doing or would like to do in an open slot in the event grid.  Simple...and amazing: interesting things happen all of their own. 

Note the ratty little old dead red concertina at the bottom left.  That's the submission box for the Haiku and Limerick competition!

Here's one year's Big Board in closeup.  Click twice to enlarge (it'll take a while to load in full rez), then pan around to read the individual Post-Its for all the workshops & jams

2012 Schedule Board

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