Young Player Award

The Young Player Award provides full registration for cabin accommodation, including meals, for the upcoming NESI event.

If the award winner is under 18, we will also provide the same accommodation for the required accompanying adult. At the winner's option, the cash value of the cabin accommodation may be applied to the cost of lodge housing instead. The award is given only once to the same person, but winners will be eligible for a 50% reduction in the cost of cabin accommodation for the next three consecutive NESI events (or an equivalent cost reduction in lodge housing). Eligibility for that discount period ends with the awardee's 26th birthday. If the winner is under the age of 18 during any or all of those three events, the same discount will be provided to the required accompanying adult.

Award Intent

The NESI YPA is intended to find and encourage a young player who demonstrates a growing interest and engagement in music with a free-reed instrument. Commitment to becoming a better player is the primary criterion for selection. Advanced proficiency on the applicant’s instrument is not required.

Award Guidelines

The applicant must:

Applications must be submitted by June 15th. All applications will be reviewed by an individual or committee comprised of or appointed by the NESI organizers. One applicant will be selected and notified no later than July 1st of the current year. The award winner must confirm his/her intention to accept the award by July 15, or another winner will be selected.

Young Player Award Application Form

In MS Word.doc format           In Adobe Acrobat PDF format

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