NESI 2014 Concert Recordings

For each performer's recording, there is a .WAV and a .MP3 version.
Basically, WAV recordings are fairly good CD quality, but big, while MP3 recordings are smaller and lower fidelity, compressed for emails and posting for online playing.
I had some initial recording problems this year..more on that and the technical details below
Alas, with rain on and off, the usual gloriously uncoordinated, caophonous procession did not happen

Lynn's introductory remarks for the evening to the unruly groundlings    MP3     WAV
Her sad plaint as an ignored MC..   MP3

Click on the recording type to play them

Regretably, no picture

David Colpitts   Golden Slippers

Bob Beimers\   Invitation to a Funeral  **
 MP3   WAV

Friends of Bob McQuillen
Farewell to the Hollow

Matt Heumann   MP3   WAV
The Eyrie, Raging Waters, Ewan's Pipes

Jim Besser & Randy Stein
 Whistling Rufus Cakewalk       MP3  WAV

Sarah, Peggy, Jackie, Bill Quern, Chimney Coroners Band  CuteCute  MP3   WAV

Linda Wade 
Rainbow Connection
      MP3    WAV

Randy Stein   
'Round Midnight       MP3   WAV

Drew Kaplan & Lori Jardines
Oscar Wood's Jig         MP3    WAV
Dave Magliozzi & James Gerke
My Foolish Heart     MP3    WAV
You've Changed       MP3    WAV

 Britt Goodman & Alan Preliasco
Two Gånglåts     MP3    WAV

Jane Prentice with bells on (the floor)
Joy de Quebec   MP3    WAV

Phineas Kimball
Donkey Riding          MP3    WAV
510 Reeds vs. 4 Strings - Jody Kruskal, Chip Hodges, Adlai Waksman, David Barnert
 Spootiskerry & Kitchen Girl 
   MP3    WAV

Mike Knudsen
Rag    MP3    WAV

Lynn & Tony Hughes **   MP3    WAV
Remember Me By the Good Times

Jody Kruskal **     
Arnold the Armadillo
   MP3    WAV

Ken Sweeney When the Moon Hangs High
  VMP3    WAV

Julius Lenhart  Old Rugged Cross
MP3    WAV

Stewart Dean & Adlai Waksman  MP3    WAV
Judi's Jubilation & Bloomsbury Market

Richie Wolff    Youghal Harbor & Loch Noss
MP3    WAV

Joe Mahon & Jim Norman Ji MP3    WAV
Do You Have Any News of the Iceberg?
Judy Hunt    Misirlou
MP3    WAV

Bob Alexander & Ed Marris
Araber Tanz & Nicriz Longa
      MP3    WAV

Mark Vidor   Mazurka ā Clement
MP3    WAV

NESI Spelmanslag  Polska Loshut          MP3    WAV

This could be you next year!

Kevin O'Brien, Albert Joy & Ruthanne Ankney- Peep, Squirrel          MP3    WAV

Marge Nichols & Jim Norman  MP3   WAV
The Inky Dinky Spider Rises Again     

Greg Jowaisas & Don Smith
The World is One Big River
     MP3      WAV
        Tierre Caliente Band  Huetamo                   MP3    WAV  Video on Flickr   

....the concert closes...and the rest of the night begins...the dance, the pub sing, the jamming 'till all hours!

Notes, comments and mutterings from Stewart who likes to pretend that he's a sound engineer

Recording problems this year.
About 15 minutes before the concert,  I found my trusty Marantz recording deck wouldn't record.  After fiddling with it right up until the concert started, I pulled out my backup recorder, a Zoom H4....Which I Had Never Used Before.  I spent the next 20 minutes in the dark figuring out how to record with it. Meanwhile Bob Beimers, a Broadway stage foreman who's surely seen much worse disasters than this, plopped his recorder on the the stage and got the first 3 acts.  Thank YOU, Bob! After that I was rattled but OK, as the H4 did a decent job.
** My apologies to the following people that I missed getting a shot of (and so had to crib from last year or have no pic at all): Bob Beimers, Tony & Lynn Hughes, Jody Kruskal.  Also, David Colpitts and Keith Shackleton for whom I have no picture at all.  As I've explained, I was more than a little rattled.....and, in some cases, it was because your act was so mesmerizing I forgot to take a picture!

All audio is presented here in .WAVs sampled at 44.1kHz/16bit & .MP3 sampled at 192kbps; click on the appropriate hot link to play or download.
For those that don't know, MP3s download/play a lot faster than .WAVs, but the .WAVs (CD Quality here) are better sound fidelity & quality
The original master recording was done 96kHz/24 bit sound, a whole lot better than standard CD quality (which is 14.1kHz/16bit) with studio grade field equipment (a Zoom H4 recorder and a Rode NT4 stereo mike), and you can order up a data CD from me with the full resolution tracks on it.
As for the im age thumbnails of the performers, you can get to the full-sized version (stored on Flickr) of any of them, just click on the image.  

To all the performers....what you write on the SignUp Sheet is what The M.C. has for announcing your act and what I use below,
so PLEASE fill it in legibly, correctly and completely...and for group accts, please list everyone in the act!