NESI 2015 Concert Recordings

Ole! The Akkordion Orchestra!!

For each performer's recording, there is a .WAV and a .MP3 version.
Basically, WAV recordings are fairly good CD quality, but big, while MP3 recordings are smaller and lower fidelity, compressed for emails and posting for online playing.
Alas, with rain on and off, yet again the usual gloriously uncoordinated, caophonous procession did not happen

Click on the recording type to play them

Ken Sweeney   **
I Will Give My Love An Apple   
 MP3        WAV

Sarah Gowan & Peggy Leiby with R.D., Bill & The Turbaned Turk \   All Clogged Up
 MP3   WAV

Judith Hunt &  Ralph Loomis
Mr. Preston's Horpipe/Somerset

MP3       WAV

Mark Edelman   MP3   WAV
Mama Won't Go Away  & Petit RÍv

Robin Russell & Cynthia Thomas
  Breton Tunes       MP3  WAV

Doug Barr & Diane Presutti,  Wedding Waltz

Regrettably, again no picture :(  **

David Colpitts   She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain Medley         MP3    WAV

Dave Magliozzi, James Gerke, Karen Sokohl & Meredith Pangrace   Tico Tico   MP3    WAV

Sy Kushner  Jewrish Dance        
MP3    WAV
Mike Knudsen         Marching to Zion 
MP3    WAV

 Mary Roth, Carol Wadlinger & Peggy Leiby
Crazy Chicken Blues     MP3    WAV

Dario Ebbri & Don Simons
Saturday Night Waltz + ?   MP3    WAV

Deidre Cochran & Elizabeth Keyes
Teleman Canonic Sonata          MP3    WAV
Jim Prentice  Candles in the Dark
(Jonathan Jensen)      
  MP3    WAV

Eric Lerner    Pleasures of the Harbor   
MP3    WAV

Rich Wolff  Jigs: Connaughtman's Ramble
& My Darling's Asleep     
MP3    WAV

Jane Prentice, Adlai Waksman & Alan Preliasco     Wild Cheerie    MP3    WAV

Randy Stein & Judy Minot 
Caravan (Duke Ellington)
  VMP3    WAV

Don Simons  Shepherd's Pie
MP3    WAV

Stewart Dean & Adlai Waksman  Lavender
MP3    WAV

The Invisible Inaudible Accrodion Player


Maria Hesmer Briggs       MP3    WAV
Miss McDermott Goes to the Gypsies

Matt Heumann    **     MP3   WAV    
 Melody (Yuki Kajiura) 

The Squeeze-In Akkordeon Orchestra   
Mi Separacion, a paso doble 
MP3    WAV

....the concert closes...and the rest of the night begins...the dance, the pub sing, the jamming 'till all hours!

Notes, comments and mutterings from Stewart who likes to pretend that he's a sound engineer

Recording problems this year.
There's always problems. Meanwhile Bob Beimers, a Broadway stage foreman who's surely seen much worse disasters than this, helped me with his recorder on the the stage.  Thank YOU, Bob!
** My apologies to the following people that I missed getting a shot of (and so had to crib from last year or have no pic at all): Ken Sweeney, also, David Colpitts  for whom I have no picture at all

All audio is presented here in .WAVs sampled at 44.1kHz/16bit & .MP3 sampled at 192kbps; click on the appropriate hot link to play or download.
For those that don't know, MP3s download/play a lot faster than .WAVs, but the .WAVs (CD Quality here) are better sound fidelity & quality