NESI 2013 Concert Recordings

Lynn getting a helping hand with her MC duties.  "Where have you been all my life?"
Finally, a getup more eye-poppingly loud the the Amazing Technicolor Butterscoth MC Coat...

All audio is presented here in .WAVs sampled at 44.1kHz/16bit & .MP3 sampled at 192kbps; click on the appropriate hot link to play or download.
For those that don't know, MP3s download/play a lot faster than .WAVs, but the .WAVs (CD Quality here) are better sound fidelity & quality
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To all the performers....what you write on the SignUp Sheet is what The M.C. has for announcing your act and what I use below,
so PLEASE fill it in legibly, correctly and completely...
On with the show................................

The usual ragged, joyously uncoordinated & cacophonous processional     MP3     WAV

Lynn's introductory remarks for the evening to the unruly groundlings (the audience has much in common with her 5th grade elementary school class)
.....which this year sadly includes a Mermorial for Howie Greenberg, who died in January and will be much missed     MP3     WAV

Bob Snope    Ballad of the Button Box   MP3   WAV

Carolyn & Jeff\   The Mother's Song
 MP3   WAV

Mark Vidor Nadiedja (Mazurka)  MP3  WAV
Les Amities (8/8 Waltz)
     MP3   WAV

Randy Stein - Stardust     MP3   WAV

Richie Wolf - Don't Know Yet, Maybe A Scottish Set, I'm Thinking
  Patter: MP3  WAV  Music:  MP3  WAV

Drew Kaplan - Hey,You've Got to Hide
Your Love Away
        MP3   WAV

Patti & Henry  You Make My Head Spin
Musette En Goguette      MP3    WAV

Eric Lerner    Ye Mariners All
 MP3   WAV

Deirdre Cochran & Elizabeth Keyes
Bach Invention #1  MP3    WAV
Carol Wadlinger, Peggy Leiby & Mary
Beogradjanka (Serbian)     MP3    WAV

Judy & Keith Hunt **
The Log Drivers' Waltz     MP3    WAV

Linda Wade   Thanks for the Squeeze-In
Patter:   MP3    WAV      Song:   MP3    WAV

Jody Kruskal**, She's Got the Money Now
Patter:   MP3    WAV      Song:   MP3    WAV

Britt Goodman, Un Petit Peu D'Argent

Annie Stanfield-Hagert, Go Tell Aunt Rhody & ?????     MP3    WAV

Don Faber Langendven, Coilsfield House
MP3    WAV

Bob Beimers - The King of the Fairies
Patter:   MP3    WAV      Tune:   MP3    WAV

FiddleKicks: Peggy,Sarah,Bill,Adlai,Bob S., Dale's Duet   VMP3    WAV

Tony & Lynn Hughes - Away with the Fairies
MP3    WAV

James Gerke - Never Let Me Go
MP3    WAV

David Magliozzi - Milonga De Me Amdres
MP3    WAV

Not on the Streets of Northampton - Due to the graphic nature of this presentation, we offer only audio
MP3    WAV

Ken Sweeney ** - Do You Know Why?
MP3    WAV

Judy Minot,Carol Wadlinger,David Magliozzi,
Peggy Leiby,
Adlai Waksman,James Gerke
 Shottische du Stockfish    MP3    WAV

Patti, Albert Joy, Ruthanne Ankney, Heather?-
Little Gypsy Girl
         MP3    WAV

Adlai Waksman & Stewart Dean
The Middle of Night
        MP3    WAV

Janet Goldwasser & Frank Edgley-
Flower of the Quern
          MP3    WAV

This could have been YOU!!
Maybe next year?

Frank Edgley- Harrington Tribute &
         MP3    WAV

Albert Joy - Border Morris Tunes 
MP3            WAV

Matt Heumann - Harry Lime's Theme,
Wedding Festival Dance    MP3    WAV

        Orquesta de Ocho - La Cumparsita (Precision Tango)...and Lynn's parting remarks as the concert closes...and the rest of the night begins
MP3    WAV          

Notes, comments and mutterings from Stewart who likes to pretend that he's a sound engineer

** My apologies to the following people that I missed getting a shot of (and so had to crib from last year or have no pic at all):
Judy & Keith Hunt, Jody Kruskal, Ken Sweeney

I have stopped making CDs because a) there wasn't much interest in them and b) it's a lot easier to do it this way and skip the bother of mastering a CD, figuring out the labels, mailing them out, getting paid, etc.

However!  The original recording was done 96kHz/24 bit sound, a whole lot better than standard CD quality (which is 14.1kHz/16bit) with studio grade field equipment (a Marantz PMD 671 deck and a Rode NT4 stereo mike), and you can order up a data CD from me with the full resolution tracks on