2008 NorthEast Squeeze-In Talent Night CD

  2008 Talent Show CD

  1. Lynn Opener
  2. Bob McQuiillan & Deanna -Ireland , I'd Not Tell Her Name
  3. Jody Kruskal - Killing Me Softly With Kung Fu
  4. Annie Hagert - Mountains of Mourne
  5. Matt Heumann's Pirate Song - Leadin
  6. Matt's Pirate Song
  7. Duncan & Doug-Theme from The Rose
  8. Lynn & Tony Hughes-Flanders&Swann-Hippopotamus Song-LeadIn
  9. Lynn & Tony Hughes-Flanders&Swann-Hippopotamus Song
  10. Ken Sweeney - YoHoHo & A Bottle of Rum-LeadIn
  11. Ken Sweeney - YoHoHo & A Bottle of Rum
  12. Chip Hodges
  13. Mike Knudsen - Sandtrap Rag
  14. Ed & Russ - Paper Moon
  15. Rachel - Bulgarian Folktunes
  16. Rich Wolff - Irish barn Dances - LeadIn
  17. Rich Wolff - Irish barn Dances
  18. Britt & Alan - Gentle Maiden Waltz
  19. Ishmael & Susan - Teleman Sonata
  20. Lynn Hughes - Pheasant Plucker's Wife
  21. Bob Beimers
  22. Undecided Accordion Orchestra
  23. 1st Prize Haiku & Limerick
  24. Squeeze-ellulah
The sound files above have been greatly compressed for transfer over the Internet, so the sound quality won't be superior.

If you'd like this set of two CDs in the original full CD sound quality .WAV files, please contact recordings@squeeze-in.org
 (for mulitple CD orders, please contact for shipping fee).  They are sold only as a set.
The price for this CD, as of 11/2011, is $10 plus $4. for domestic shipping..  

Please supply your USPS surface mailing address.  The postage includes Delivery Confirmation....which is necessary because the Post Office tends to lose CD mailers, and this should help.  Just ask Kevin Sweeney, whose CDs turned up 3 months later!

Past recordings may be available in limited quantity at the next Squeeze-In...buy them there and avoid mailing costs

Note: These CDs are burned and verified by hand and the face graphics ink-jet printed, so:
a) there may be errors (email us and the CD will be replaced) and b) the CD should not get wet or the face printing will run.
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